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The 12 Craziest Things People Have Tried to Bring on Planes

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The next time you find yourself complaining about all the things TSA does wrong, check out their Instagram (@TSA) and be reminded of all the things they actually do right—like catching stun guns, nun chucks, live ammunition (pictured above), and so many ninja stars before they make it on board. Here, twelve of their freakiest catches.


These are just the grenades they have caught in the last month.


If you flew out of Miami in 2012, you could’ve flown next to some live eels but, no, because TSA. (Passenger also attempted to fly with 163 marine fish and 22 invertebrates, in case you were wondering).


Just a human skull, found in Fort Lauderdale.


To borrow from Samuel L. Jackson, there were no motherf&>#ng snakes on this plane leaving out of Miami International. This baby one was found inside a man’s pants.


M-80s, Tucson, thwarted.


This is a tantō, a traditional sword carried by Japanese samurais but not onto a flight leaving LaGuardia.

FYI: Sickles are among things on the TSA’s Prohibited Items list.


“All grenades—no matter whether they’re inert, replica, or live—are prohibited from both carry-on and checked baggage.”


Lipstick? Nah, that’s a stun gun and it was removed from a purse in Chicago O’Hare.


(Kinda chic) finger spikes and matching case, confiscated in Birmingham.


You think it’s a Speed Stick and then there’s a pocket knife inside :(


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And, finally, unless you follow @TSA, you would not believe how many sharp projectiles, like throwing knives, ninja stars, and batarangs (yes, batarangs) people try to pack. This is the world we live in. Quit whining about having to take off your shoes.

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