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Stylish Appraisals of the World’s Great Travelers

By John Newton

Jan 9, 2015

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We’re in love with The Bumbys, a cheeky masked duo whose performance art pieces combine psychological and sartorial insights. Hiding behind sunglasses and bandannas (as well as a red ski cap for one and a red wig for the other), the Bumbys give a quick assessment of their subjects in the form of a “Fair and Honest Appraisal,” often typed on vintage typewriters. The playful summaries can be cutting and sometimes effusive, but they are always surprisingly insightful.

While the Bumbys are most frequently found at galleries and parties (we’ve luckily had them at some of our shindigs before—specifically at our awesome Kate Spade event in New York back in October), we asked them to turn their eyes towards some of travels most iconic figures, historic and fictional. Here are their Fair and Honest Appraisals.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia 

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