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Style on the Go with Like Fresh Laundry [Sponsored]

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Like Fresh Laundry is a website whose name captures its style: Clean and both relaxed and refined at once. We turn to it for travel inspiration—outfits that are perfect for the road and places to visit once we reach our destinations. San Francisco-based blogger Natalie Goel also has stories, however, on drinks, décor, and other topics for those periods between trips. We asked Natalie recently to share insights on how she pulls off her modern-meets-natural aesthetic, get some travel tips, and to hear about her recent adventures.

AFAR: Do you have any easy-to-remember rules or favorite packing tricks?

Goel: Always pack plenty of socks, underthings and tees and tanks. They don’t take up much room in the suitcase and you’ll appreciate the extras if you end up taking showers or changing clothes in the evening.

Stick to a simple color palette, mix and match and plan complete outfits in advance as best you can.      

The fewer the shoes, the better. I wear my bulkiest, comfiest pair to the airport and throw heels in my bag. My usual routine is one pair of walkable sneakers or boots, one pair of heels and, if it’s summertime, a pair of sandals, too. Anything more tends to be overkill.

Travel bags with a slot that fits over the suitcase handle are the best—one less item to juggle! The one I have is a Lo & Sons overnighter. I take it on every trip.

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Cotton, denim, and leather all tend to travel well. Ain’t nobody got time for wrinkles!

AFAR: Is there any article of clothing you pack on almost every trip? Something works everywhere?

Goel: A chambray shirt since it’s so versatile. You can wear it alone, open over tees, or under sweatshirts. I’ve also worn the heck out of my Everlane cashmere crewneck sweater on recent trips. It’s nice and compact, and very cozy. 

AFAR: What electronic devices do you travel with? Do you have any tips so that traveling with an iPhone, laptop, camera, and all the cables that go with them doesn’t become a chore?

Goel: Dealing with cables is the worst. I use Bluelounge CableClips to keep the wires tidy so at least they don’t get tangled in my bag.

AFAR: Where did you last travel? What were your favorite finds?

Goel: My last trip was to Amsterdam and Berlin. My favorite excursion in Amsterdam was to Broek in Waterland, a completely adorable town just north of the city where canals separate pastures. We were exploring by scooter and at one point we had to stop due to a cow crossing.

In Berlin there are all these secret bars. From the outside it will just look like a nondescript, closed building but when you knock, they’ll lead you through a door or down the stairs and all of a sudden you’re in this lively, secluded space. We have a couple cool speakeasies in San Francisco, but I hadn’t seen anything like that before.

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