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Reading List: 8 Stories We Loved This Week

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A Slice of Paradise: Andrew McCarthy’s Banana Bread Quest,” Bon Appétit
Most travelers don’t chase a smell halfway around the world. But for New Yorker (and AFAR contributor) Andrew McCarthy, the simple memory of sweet, fragrant banana bread lures him back to Maui, a place he once called home. McCarthy’s search for the perfect slice takes him high on a volcano, down perilous roads, and past waterfalls. I may not be booking a flight to Maui soon, but I will be trying the recipe he procured for one of the island’s most lauded loaves. —Lara Takenaga

Pop-Up Hotels: Rooms with a Fleeting View,” New York Times
Pop-up hotels are gaining in popularity, offering travelers the chance to bunk in quirky and memorable places instead of a traditional hotel.  I’d opt for a stay in the Conrad-inspired boat perched on a London rooftop. —Robyn Patty

Street food world tour: Bali,” Matador Network
Would you rather eat food that is fresh from the market or food that’s been prepared in advance and stored in a refrigerator overnight? Nathan Myers offers other reasons to enjoy the street food experience, in this case in Bali: part three of his street food world tour. —Derk Richardson

The Staggering Rebirth of Shanghai,” The Atlantic
I’m always a sucker for then-and-now photos, and these shots of Pudong in Shanghai—from 1990 and today—elicited a drop of the jaw. —Julia Cosgrove

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The Californication of Biarritz,” The New York Times Style Magazine
Has Biarritz become the Santa Cruz of France? Tim Murphy reports on the “Californication” of France’s longtime surf hotspot. A year-round crowd of beach-loving hipsters and artists is making Biarritz feel a lot like laid-back chic American surf towns such as Montauk and Malibu. The sun and surf are still a draw, but now people are also attracted to the fashion, art, and celeb spotting. —Jen Murphy

Winter in the U.S. Virgin Islands,” Uncommon Caribbean
Is this what winter looks like for you? Me neither. This video is so pretty it hurts. —Davina Baum

Around the World in 365 Days: An Interview with Rainer Jenss,” Butterfly Diary
AFAR Ambassador Charu Suri interviews Nat Geo veteran Rainer Jenss on his travels around the world with his family—a journey that confirmed that travel is indeed the best form of education, as well as that every experience is valuable to both young and old. “It’s funny, every time someone asks [my children] what they liked most about the trip,” explains Jenss, “they answer it differently. That tells me they took away a lot more out of the whole experience than just one thing.” —Bryan Kitch

Beauty Among the Ruins,” fastcocreate.com
These places and things around the world might abandoned, but you certainly cannot say there’s “nothing” there. —Derk Richardson

Photo by Blake Burton on AFAR

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