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Reading List: 8 of Our Favorite Stories This Week

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Love Session: Our Life in Paris,” Lost In Cheeseland
AFAR Ambassador Lindsey Tramuta’s recent post is, simply put, a very touching look at her and her husband’s life together in Paris. “Our Life in Paris” is a snapshot of a moment in time. Lindsey’s reflections resonate with any and all who know how to appreciate the little things—indeed, isn’t that what life is all about? —Bryan Kitch

A World of Donuts,” Saveur
Saveur has created Homer Simpson’s dream food pilgrimage—an around-the-world tour of the most delicious donuts. The global selection ranges from dulce de leche-filled Mexican churros to spicy, coconut-flecked South African koerksisters. —Jen Murphy

Fabulous Fiji,” The Saturday Evening Post
Are tropical vacations hopelessly clichéd? Edward Readicker-Henderson find the poetry—or at least the joys of kava and the lulling rhythms of the rain—in the predictable, and shows us what Tom Hanks missed. —Derk Richardson

Introducing: My Nordic Adventure Series!” Lisa Congdon
I generally love everything that artist Lisa Congdon produces, and the illustrations of her favorite doors in Stockholm, Sweden, and Copenhagen are pretty magical. I’m looking forward to what else she has to offer in her Nordic Adventure Series. —Davina Baum

Excuse Us While We Kiss The Sky,” GQ
Urban explorers, space invaders—I had no idea they existed and I am fascinated by them committing a “victimless crime”. For the record, Bradley, I love the work you do. —Nina Dietzel

The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden…Is Screwed,” Esquire
The story of the man who shot Osama Bin Laden has gotten a lot of attention since it came out, for reasons good and bad. But there’s no denying that it’s gripping. —Jeremy Saum

Chávez Chic,” Roads & Kingdoms
Roads & Kingdoms sent photographer Eduardo Leal to Caracas to capture the most outrageous Hugo Chávez mementos on display at the Venezuelan president’s funeral. El Comandante was commemorated on stylish sunglasses and even as a children’s action figure. —Jen Murphy

Abandoned Power Station Transformed Into Roller Coaster,” Web Urbanist
Anyone who has lived in or visited west London is familiar with the distinctive silhouette of the Battersea Power Station—closed since 1983—rising from the banks of the Thames. Some Londoners tend to look at it has a glimpse of the country’s industrial and architectural past—while some might balk at the idea of a ‘theme park’ ride on a historical site, it may go a long way toward giving the structure a place in London’s future, too. —Bryan Kitch

Photo by Lindsey Tramuta on AFAR