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Reading List: 7 Stories We Liked This Week

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Coffee Power to the People,” Roads & Kingdoms
The Dutch trio behind Koffie Leute believes the future of coffee looks a lot like its past. These coffee purists denounce expensive espresso bars with hipster, rockstar baristas in favor of a more personal, hands-on approach to brewing what they call “slow coffee.” Roads & Kingdoms spends a day at their Netherlands coffee shop and tries to master making the perfect cup. —Jen Murphy

National Magazine Award Long Reads You Probably Haven’t Read Yet,” The Atlantic Wire
We’re honored to be among the nominees for a National Magazine Award in the website category. And because I’m woefully behind on all of the great feature writing of 2013, I appreciate The Atlantic Wire’s list. —Davina Baum

In Paris, Mixing the Contemporary With the Classics,” The New York Times
Rife with the juxtaposition of old and new, Paris hasn’t always gotten architectural contrast right. Editor and writer Sam Lubell, who penned a book about new Paris architecture, gives his picks for the City of Light’s top modern marvels that complement their historic surroundings. The list includes the Louvre’s recently opened Islamic Art Wing, Citroën’s bold showroom on the Champs-Élysées, and the aptly named Flower Tower. —Lara Takenaga

6 best surf spots in Nicaragua,” Matador Network
It might be cold and rainy in San Francisco at the moment, but it’s never too early to start mapping out your ‘Endless Summer.’ April is the last month of the dry season in Nicaragua, and with May come more reliable swells—surf’s up! —Bryan Kitch

Why I’m Walking Every Single Block in New York City,” Good
Matt Green quotes Lao-Tzu to the effect that “the farther you go, the less you know.” Green explains on his website, I’m Just Walkin’, how his ongoing quest puts that into practice: “This is the counterpoint to my walk across the U.S. Instead of seeing million places for just a minute each, I’m going to spend a million minutes exploring just one place.” To that end, he is walking every block of every street in all five boroughs of New York City, and documenting it in photographs. —Derk Richardson

New Orleans,” Saveur
The current issue of Saveur is a tribute to the classic restaurants of New Orleans. Writer Lolis Eric Elie returns to his hometown and discovers why traditional spots like Galatoire’s and Antoine’s are more relevant than ever. —Jen Murphy

Bookend,” The Economist
The Economist’s business travel blog reports on the latest changes to the world of travel guides, as Google recently announced that Frommer’s print publication would be coming to and end. This follows on the recent sale of Lonely Planet by the BBC, which has many in the industry speculating that the print era for guidebooks may be slipping away. However, rather than a death knell, perhaps it’s merely a course correction—when print and digital work together, the results can be far richer than any one platform alone. —Bryan Kitch

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