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W is For…,” OttsWorld
Blame it on Bruce Chatwin, but I’ve always had an urge to visit Patagonia. And now, thanks to AFAR Ambassador Sherry Ott, I have yet more fuel for my wanderlust. Sherry’s amazing photo essay from trekking the ‘W’ (covering roughly 50 miles of Torres del Paine National Park) is as much a testament to her mental & physical toughness as it is to her photographical prowess. Simply stunning. —Bryan Kitch 

The Rome Digest
Anyone who’s planning to visit Rome, whether it’s for the first or fifth time, should check out the newly launched Rome Digest. Created by five of Rome’s top food and wine pros, the site highlights the city’s best wine bars, markets, and restaurants, plus reports on food-related news. The founders also post an event calendar and a Friday round-up of Rome happenings. —Jen Murphy

How to Spend 47 Hours on a Train and Not Go Crazy,” New York Times Magazine
How many life stories can you tease out of strangers on a long train ride? Nathaniel Rich turns a trip on the Sunset Limited into a remarkable patchwork of snapshot American profiles, and delves into the very nature of train travel along the way. —Derk Richardson

It’s the Dog in You,” Outside
Right now, more than 60 teams of humans and huskies are traversing 1,000 miles of Alaska wilderness for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race (see AFAR’s story in the March/April issue). Year after year, the sled dogs test the limits of mammalian endurance, and as Outside Writer Brian Alexander reveals, they can provide scientists with evidence about the limits of our own health and fitness. —Serena Renner

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We Aren’t The World,” Pacific Standard
Imagine if someone offered you 60 percent of a prize they had won. Basically a no brainer. Well, actually, it turns out that is only because you probably have a Western brain. If you were from a smaller society with a culture of gift-giving, you’d probably pass, knowing that such an acceptance would bring burdensome obligations. Joe Henrich and a team of psychologists have published groundbreaking work that suggests a deep connection between the way we think and our cultures and environments. And Americans? Well we are the strangest of them all. —Sarah Zapiler

Equal Exchange Coffee Videos,” The Perennial Plate
AFAR contributor David Farley immersed himself in the coffee culture of Ethiopia for one of our features in the forthcoming May issue. David Klein, of the Perennial Plate, shares his own coffee adventure to “the middle of nowhere” Peru in a two-part video series. The footage provides an eye-opening look at the efforts that go into your morning cup of coffee, and will make you think twice about complaining for that $4 macchiato. —Jen Murphy

The Mad Billionaire Behind GoPro: The World’s Hottest Camera Company,” Forbes
One of America’s newest and youngest billionaires, Nick Woodman, founder of GoPro video cameras, rose to success through hard work and determination, yes, but also because of prior failure and a head-clearing surf trip to Australia and Indonesia. This is a fun portrait of the goofy, adrenaline-obsessed entrepreneur who has changed the way we record life. —Serena Renner

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Photo by Sherry Ott on AFAR