That Instrument Known as the Eiffel Tower,” New York Times
After you hear him “play” the Eiffel Tower, musician Joseph Bertolozzi might inspire you to carry drumsticks and mallets on your travels from now on. It’s not a totally new concept: 50 years ago, Frank Zappa played a bicycle on The Steve Allen Show. —Derk Richardson

Bloggers’ Take on TBEX Toronto,” Butterfly Diary
Diehard AFAR followers will have noticed that last week there was a marked uptick in travel blogger tweeting from Toronto, including from me and Lauren, our community manager. We were there for TBEX, the Travel Bloggers’ Exchange, and it was an incredible opportunity to meet many of our fantastic ambassadors—such as the charming Charu Suri of She’s written a nice wrap-up of the conference. I hope to see many familiar faces at the next TBEX, in Dublin! —Davina Baum

Want to Save Civilization? Get In Line,” New York Times Magazine
Even though I practice yoga, I still have a hard time staying calm when I’m stuck in a slow-moving line. My patience quickly disappears when I’m behind a dozen first-time flyers at airport security or when I have to renew my license at the always line ensnared DMV. But Matthew J.X. Malady makes a convincing case for the necessity of lines and why we should wait patiently in them in the New York Times Magazine. —Jen Murphy

Dear Leader Dreams of Sushi,” GQ
Much of what is known about North Korea is based upon conjecture, survivor stories, and the educated guess. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Adam Johnson adds nuance to the dialogue in this thrilling profile of sushi chef Kenji Fujimoto (an alias), who acted as the Dear Leader’s righthand man for more than a decade. Partaking in lavish parties thrown in “guesthouses” (palaces) for “executives” (high-level bureaucrats) and flying around the world in a private jet just to procure caviar from Iran and cognac from France, Fujimoto discloses details that will send chills down your spine. —Kim Fortson 

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24 Hours in Toronto,” NearAfar
Having just spent a few days in Toronto at the aforementioned TBEX conference, I must thank AFAR ambassador Natalie Taylor for showing off her city with obvious pride. She was our tour guide when we had free time, shepherding us around to great bars and restaurants. (The cocktails at Churchill were my favorite.) She’s a Toronto pro, be sure to check out her expertise on and! —Davina Baum

When The Beautiful Game Turns Ugly,” ESPN
Soccer is the world’s game, and thus, reflects the world’s problems. This story, about racism in Italian soccer, is about much more than a sport. It’s a look at an entire country grappling with its past and future. Great photos, too. —Jeremy Saum

Lisbon’s Cocktail King,” We Heart
Englishman Dave Palethorpe helms the notable CINCO Lounge in Lisbon’s Príncipe Real, where cocktails christened things like “Jingle Bells Batman Smells” and “Cleopatra Comin’ Atcha” are, in fact, no laughing matter, judging by the delicious photos that accompany Alicja’s McCarthy’s Q&A with the “cocktail wizard.” —Kim Fortson

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Tramuta/AFAR