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Reading List: 7 of the Best Things We Saw This Week

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Memo to The New York Times: What Actually Happens During “36 Hours in. . .” a Foreign Country,” Vanity Fair
A pretty hilarious takedown of the New York Times’ aggressive ideas about what you can actually accomplish in 36 hours in Taipei. (And, for the record, I love that feature. It just sometimes takes some creative interpretation.) —Davina Baum

One Man’s Obsessive Mission to Draw Every Building in New York,” The Atlantic Cities
Australian artist James Gulliver Hancock is in the midst of a massive undertaking—there are roughly 900,000 buildings in New York City, and Hancock aims to immortalize every one of them. The Atlantic Cities interviews him about the origins of his project and checks in on his progress to date. —Bryan Kitch 

Are You Ready For Some Futebol?” The New York Times
Soccer fans will love Seth Kugel’s comprehensive story on navigating the futebol scene in Brazil. He provides all of the essential travel details including where to watch, how to by tickets, and how to stay safe, as well as quirky helpful hints (eat before you go, stadium food options aren’t that good). Perhaps the best tip, go now ahead of the World Cup. —Jen Murphy

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Street Signs With Street Cred: Why I’m Posting Hip Lyrics from Long Island to Flatbush,” Good
Inspired by the mention of specific locations in hip-hop songs, Jason Shelowitz created public markers to bring attention to the confluence of music and place. This may get your head spinning with your own favorite lyrics about cities, countries, and travel. Bob Dylan’s “Stuck Inside of Mobile (with the Memphis Blues Again)”? Talking Heads’ “Cities”? Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere”? Scott McKenzie’s “San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)”? —Derk Richardson

iPhone Apps for Rome
In Rome last week for business, I used AFAR’s mobile app for recommendations of restaurants, and downloaded two other terrific city-centric apps on my iPhone: Elizabeth Minchilli’s Eat Rome and Katie Parla’s Rome for Foodies. Both Elizabeth and Katie have lived in Rome for years, and they’ve built apps with intuitive interfaces and sophisticated, trusted content. —Julia Cosgrove

The Greatest Things Since Sliced Bread,” Bon Appétit
Chefs have become increasingly creative with what they’re slapping between two pieces of bread. Now filled with artisanal meats and topped with condiments like maple-bacon mayo, the once-humble sandwich has risen to a new culinary level. BA gives its picks for the country’s best sandwiches, including the smoked salmon smørrebrød at San Francisco’s Bar Tartine, along with the recipes for these gourmet layered masterpieces. —Lara Takenaga

Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge,” Atlas Obscura
No, really. It breathes fire. This roughly quarter-mile long bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam is adorned with a dragon that is brilliantly illuminated by some 2,500 LED lights, and is modeled after a sculpture from the Ly Dynasty. —Bryan Kitch

Photo by Charissa Fay on AFAR

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