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Reading List: 6 Things We’re Reading, Watching & Listening To This Week

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The Lonely Guitarist,” The Writer and the Wanderer
In her blog about travel and literature, Mary Morris captures a moment of reverie in San Sebastian, Spain, which evokes both “the enigma of emptiness” and the power of music to bring “remembering.” —Derk Richardson

A Week at the Airport, Alain de Botton
This is a fascinating read about the many facets of what truly goes on at an airport, from the check-in counter to baggage handling to the arrivals lounge. Although we, as travelers, perceive airports to be stressful places, this story examines the human condition and our relationships to one another in this very big yet very small world. —Jill Greenwood

Jungles in Paris
I’m mesmerized by the artistic travel videos and photography featured on Jungles in Paris, a website cofounded by AFAR contributor Darrell Hartman. Launched in May, it “aims to redefine armchair travel” through short written and visual stories covering such subjects as Arabian motorcycle daredevils and the Serengeti’s most endangered animal. Watch the piece on traditional Romanian egg painting for a detailed look at one of Eastern Europe’s most prized crafts. —Lara Takenaga

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It’s Mom’s Turn,” Ottsworld.com
AFAR ambassador Sherry Ott is traveling through Novia Scotia with her mom. And she admits that it’s not necessarily going to be an easy trip: they are different travelers; her mom was never the adventurous type. I love reading about family travel, and mother-daughter relationships hold an endless fascination. I’m betting that Sherry and her mom are having a great—and interesting—time. —Davina Baum

American Kid, Patty Griffin (New West)
On her new album, the New England-bred, Austin-based singer-songwriter uses stories from her father’s life as the foundation for a travelog of songs that trace a loose course of dreams, fears, regrets, and fulfillments. Such titles as “Irish Boy,” “Go Wherever You Wanna Go,” “Ohio,” “Don’t Let Me Die in Florida,” and “Highway Song” indicate the rambling nature of the tunes. But the finely crafted lyrics and Griffin’s plaintive voice create a poignant sense of intimacy, underscored by the acoustic folk-blues instrumentation (featuring Cody and Luther Dickinson of the North Mississippi All-Stars) and the harmony vocals of Griffin’s romantic partner Robert Plant. —Derk Richardson

Beer Tasting Workout,” Food & Wine
F&W’s Megan Krigbaum and brewer Dave McLean of San Francisco’s Magnolia Brewery whip your tastebuds into shape with a crash course on hops, malt, and the beers that embody them. Adhere to the strict workout regimen (which includes a strenuous oatmeal cookie tasting) and you’ll up your beer-drinking prowess without even breaking a sweat. —Kim Fortson 

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