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Post Your Highlights, Win a Trip to India!

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AFAR travelers are mobile, and so is AFAR! We’ve launched our first app, available now in the iTunes store.

To celebrate, we’re launching Catch, a 6-week photo challenge in which we invite you to post your best Highlights around weekly themes.

The celebration doesn’t stop there (that wouldn’t really suffice, right?). We’ll pick one winner from each of the themes, and that winning Highlight will be featured on the home page. Then, at the end of the contest, one grand prize winner will be awarded a trip to India on SWISS International Air Lines, plus five nights’ at Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces.

In order to be eligible please follow these easy steps:

1. Download the mobile app, available in the iTunes store.

2. Sign into your AFAR.com profile on your mobile. (So we know you’ve downloaded it!)

3. Start uploading your Highlights! You can upload your entries from the site or the app. We’ve come up with two themes a week for you to post about; please put the name of the theme somewhere in the post so we can find your entry. And remember: a good Highlight is not just a pretty photo. We want specifics! Describe an experience that others can repeat when they’re traveling or just in your neighborhood.

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About those themes: we think they’re just broad enough to be titillating and just specific enough to be enticing. We’ve listed them below so that you can plan ahead. Interpret them your way; tell an untold story. Be a local expert or a travel luminary. And did we mention we love a good laugh?

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, as well as Pinterest, where we’ll be posting the entries. Good luck, and have fun! (And don’t forget to read the official rules for all the fine print!)

WEEK 1  February 16th - 22nd 
RENDEZVOUS. Where do you meet up? A great café, a friendly stoop, a romantic restaurant…
RITUAL. No, we’re not talking about your bathtub. What discoveries do you return to? Where you have your coffee, where you return to for a recharge—a yoga retreat in Tulum, or the undiscovered Croatian beach town.

WEEK 2 February 23rd – 29th
DELICIOUS. Everyone talks about food; we want to hear the real details. A perfect ramen discovery in the middle of Paris. The best place for avocados at your local farmers market.
ARE WE THERE YET? Embarking on your daily commute or navigating the Japanese subway. What surprises have you uncovered while getting from point A to point B that AFAR travelers would want to hear about?

WEEK 3 March 1st – 7th
ADRENALINE. What places or activities get your blood pumping? Share with us the free-diving spot or the hot-air balloon ride that you can’t stop thinking about.
LOST. Getting lost leads to discoveries that the guidebooks would never lead you towards. Once you’ve regained your bearings, tell us where you were when you found your gem of a Highlight.

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WEEK 4 March 8th – 14th
ON TOP OF THE WORLD. A stunning view, a unique moment, literally free falling—what gives you that limitless feeling? How can AFAR travelers share it?
OASIS. Whether sought out in the dessert or created in the comfort of your own city, we all need an oasis. And no, this isn’t about your bathtub either. It could be a quiet hotel room, a bar that serves the perfect margarita, or a country retreat where you can walk for miles.

WEEK 5 March 15th – 21st
FIASCO. The unpredictability of travel means sometimes our plans end in utter failure. Missed flights, wrong turns, incomprehensible directions. How did you turn a failure into success?
STAY. Where you drop your bags. Where you feel like resting a while. A poolside lounge, a perfect hotel room, a hospitable local.

WEEK 6 March 22nd – 28th
UNLIKELY ART. Share some undiscovered beauty. Give us a street art tour of downtown Los Angeles, a perfect portrait in an otherwise unremarkable Amsterdam museum, a Tokyo pop-up gallery that’s only open after midnight.
MARKETS. Outdoors or indoors, produce or crafts; where do you discover the colors, flavors, and culture of a place? What amazing finds have you brought home from a market?

Thank you to our sponsors, SWISS and Taj!



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