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Peanuts Or Pretzels: Your Guide To Healthy Airplane Eating

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When it comes to in-flight food, healthy choices are few and far between. So, what is the right decision for wellness 30,000 feet in the air? Below is a step-by-step guide guaranteed to help a healthier you take flight. Don’t fret: It involves indulging in Asian-fusion salmon with a glass of rosé in hand.

Be Prepared
As nutrition continues to influence on-the-go options, airlines are taking note by providing menus and calorie counts online. When searching for your ticket, take a minute to review in-flight offerings. It’s an easy addition to your checklist that could seriously benefit your travel experience—not to mention your body.

Be Picky
Although this mantra doesn’t fly in the travel and food arenas, it should be considered when choosing your airline based on health standards.

Virgin Airlines soars above the competition when it comes to lean cuisine, providing passengers with healthy in-flight meals, including a protein-packed box of hummus, cheese and a hard-boiled egg. If hunger is hitting you hard, you can opt for a more filling option, like the Sumac Chicken Sandwich.

Delta is also miles ahead of the pack, working with health-food company Luvo to improve its dining selections. We suggest the EAT Tapas menu of hummus, bruschetta, olives, almonds and apricots. Looking for something with a bit more sustenance? Try the Roast Turkey and Havarti Wrap.

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Other frequented airlines like US Airways and American Airlines aren’t as up to speed when it comes to health-conscious selections. Chips, cookies and candies dominate the dining experience. While these treats are tasty, they’re also high in calories and low in nutrients—a no-go for the fit flyer.

Be Mindful of Moderation
This is a common practice when it comes to your nutrition, but it can be especially important when airborne.

Everyone’s favorite airline snacks, peanuts and pretzels, are relatively healthy, averaging about 50 calories per pack. However, make sure you pay attention to serving size. Some other nut and fruit mixtures contain up to 640 calories. To cut your intake, consider saving half for later or sharing with your co-passenger. When it comes to cocktails, opt for a glass of red or blush wine over liquor or beer—have you read about the benefits of rosé? If you’d prefer to sip on something sweet, settle on soda water with fresh lemon or lime. And make sure to stay away from juices like cranberry and orange, as they’re extremely high in sugar.

Always Ask
There’s no harm in asking. Whether it’s for the nutritional value of a menu item, vegan and vegetarian options or fresh produce, there should be something on board that can work for you.