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On the Bright Side, These Five Destinations Just Got Cheaper

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I’d like to start off by saying the news of the Dow plunge is unsettling, I have no idea whether the Chinese stock market “corrected itself” or “crashed,” and, also, Hi, I’m not Paul Krugman. There is a minor silver lining for American travelers right now, though: in the midst of the international financial apocalypse, the U.S. dollar has gained some muscle in a handful of countries (besides, of course, China).

1. Brazil 

In the past month, the Brazil real has dropped 9% against the dollar. It’s a good time to…finally experience the beaches of Rio.

2. Colombia

The American dollar is at an 11-year high against the Colombia peso. It’s a good time to…plan a trip to ArtBo, Colombia’s biggest art fair, in October.

3. Chile

Chile’s currency has dropped about 10% against the American dollar in the past year. It’s a good time to…feast on flopping-fresh ceviche in Valparaiso.

4. Vietnam

In response to the yuan, Vietnam’s central bank devalued their currency by 1% last week. It’s a good time to…book a cruise through the Mekong Delta.

5. Indonesia

The rupiah took a 1.8% dip. It’s a good time to…rent a moped and wander Bali.

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