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In Athens, infantrymen march during the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Our photo editors sift through hundreds of images for each issue—and too many wind up on the cutting-room floor. Here, outtakes from our all-time favorite stories.

Australia’s Top End is full of wild creatures—and that includes a pair of grandparents with an impressive past. See the shots here. 

Muhammad Fadli spent seven days cruising through Indonesia’s colorful islands. Here, his incredible shots.

Shooting a story about coastal foraging in Oregon involves a lot of cold ocean water. Photographer Kyle Johnson takes the plunge.

The birthplace of coffee? Ethiopia, where photographer Ami Vitale documented everything from ancient brewing traditions to farmers sorting fresh coffee beans.

Outtakes from photographer Thomas Prior‘s trip to Greece and Turkey for Paul Greenberg’s story about cruising—with his son—for a new mythology.

Photographer João Canziani documented Tom Downey’s boozy attempt to determine which country can claim pisco as its own: Chile or Peru.

How do you tell a pilgrim from a tourist in Lourdes, France? Photographer Peter Bohler spent several days in the holy site—click here to see what he discovered.

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