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#AFARMexico: Welcome to Mexico!

By AFAR Traveler

Oct 18, 2014

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Photo by Jennie Wilson. Art by Francis Alys. Translation: The trip is nothing more than the image of the trip. 

For AFAR Experiences, AFAR’s immersive travel event, we bring worldly, open-minded travelers to cities all over the world and provide access to people they would otherwise rarely get to meet. We’re in Mexico City for the next four days, and we’ll be writing daily updates pulled from social media posted by AFAR staff and attendees. You’ll see the incredible venues we’re spending time in and hear highlights from our lineup of experts on the arts, culture, politics, and design of this vibrant city. Follow the #AFARMexico hashtag on Twitter and Instagram for all of the excitement. 

Our home for the next few days is the beautiful Las Alcobas Hotel, and our opening night cocktail reception and dinner was held in the hotel’s restaurant, Anatol.

Dinner with some musical accompaniment at Anatol Restaurant. (Photo by Jeremy Saum.)

A little dinner music at #lasalcobas for #AFARmexico. That's @gregsul on backing vocals.

After dinner, we headed to Arena Mexico to see a lucha libre match—and met a luchador. Below is just a taste of the spectacle we witnessed.

The lucha libre was on fire tonight. @jsaum caught some of the acrobatic action. (What you don't see: face slapping, kissing, spit flying, a man carried out on a stretcher.) #afarmexico #afarexperiences #traveldeeper

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And that was just last night. We met up this morning to visit Cine Tonala, an independent film and performance center, to hear journalist Ricardo Raphael talk about the concept of “borderlands,” the cultural and geographical border between our two countries—and how he has high hopes for bridging the gap over the next (or “mext”) 100 years.

Then we sped over (“sped” is relative in traffic-congested Mexico City, but we did our best) to Museo de Arte Moderna, where Cecilia Leon de la Barra showed us a selection of work by her and her peers—including beautiful dishware made in Guadalajara for Enrique Olvera’s Playa del Carmen restaurant, Maiz de Mar, and the iconic Acapulco chair.

At Museo de Arte Moderno, great graphic design for the 1968 Olympics. @gregsul appreciating. #afarmexico

The groups split up at that point to different locations for lunch, and then to separate breakout sessions. Look for more about those in a subsequent post.

Tonight, we are making our way to San Ildefonso, where Diego Rivera’s first mural lives. Watch this space for more!

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