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Photo by Susanna Fernandez/Flickr

Time to drop your cliched New Year’s resolutions. Losing a few pounds, being more aware of the news of the day, moisturizing more (heyyy, low achievers!)—all worthy goals. But in 2015, what will make you healthy, wealthy (with experience), and wise? Travel.

So here are our top ten travel resolutions for 2015.

1. Visit Cuba.

2. Taste cao lau noodles.

3. See an island paradise from the other side of the fence.

4. Learn to spell (by visiting) the A-e-o-l-i-a-n Islands.

5. Eat our way through Buenos Aires.

6. Find religion (or healthy skepticism thereof) in Lourdes.

7. Dance our way through Paris.

8. See Charleston and Montreal through AFAR’s eyes.

9. Taste the wines of Sicily, in Sicily.

10. For the over-achievers: Check off everything on this list of where to go in 2015.