It even provides nightshirts and slippers.

Spanish culture has become known and respected for the way it embraces the siesta, or afternoon nap. Now, in the capital city of Madrid, there’s a new bar where people can cash in on that beauty sleep just about any time of day.

The bar, dubbed Siesta&Go (seriously, that’s the name), opened late last month right in the heart of downtown, between the plazas Calle Orense and Manual Gomez Moreno.

The main attraction: 19 self-contained beds, each of which looks like a covered wagon from the Lewis & Clark days of the United States. Management provides single-use blankets and sheets, a daily professional cleaning service, and nightshirts and slippers for customers to use if they’ve forgotten to bring similar items from home. The price according to the website: 13-16 cents per minute, or 8-10 euros per hour. There are also individual private rooms with bathrooms that will run you 23 cents per minute, or 14 euros an hour.

According to a report in Business Insider, Siesta&Go also has newspapers and tablets for customers to use during their visits, as well as armchairs and footrests for relaxing or reading.

There even are workspaces and Internet access for those who’d rather be productive than sleep.

To be clear, Madrid isn’t the first city to launch public napping space. The concept is popular in Japan and also has spawned casual, on-demand napping bars in cities such as Paris, London, Brussels, and even New York City. In Madrid, however, the nap bar dovetails nicely with a societal norm, making it extra special. 

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Still, the concept of entering REM cycles mere feet from other snoozing strangers is a little, well . . . odd. Especially if one of those aforementioned strangers is an egregious snorer. And especially if you don’t have earplugs.

For travelers, however, the Siesta&Go model is perfect—especially for those who want a cultural experience or need a quick snooze before continuing all the sightseeing.

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