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Los Angeles Through a Photographer’s Eyes

By bryan sheffield

Feb 10, 2012

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Los Angeles resident Bryan Sheffield shot the photos for “Another Angle on L.A.,” Aimee Bender’s feature in the March/April 2012 issue that explores a Los Angeles that most tourists—and many residents—don’t get to see. 

About the palm trees, above, he says “I used to live around the corner from these two trees and, as many times as I have passed them, I had never noticed their extreme tallness before. I love the way they bend and glow in the setting sun. As I was shooting them I was thinking about their root structure, and fielding questions from three high school kids on BMX bikes about ‘why I wanna take a dumb picture of some trees.’”

Here are some more outtakes from the shoot.


“I stumbled upon this barber shop in northeast Los Angeles late one night. I was immediately drawn to the way the chairs were all faced outward, away from the mirrors. The flooring has a great “grade school” quality to me. It is very childlike and I am sure has a great history of interesting clientele.”


“The 110 freeway Southbound. Watching the cars dance down the freeway, I decided to shoot them a little with a flash. I love the voyeurism in the seeing these people when they were not expecting to be viewed, and how the road surface turned into interesting shapes. I only shot about 6 frames with a flash for fear of causing an accident (or getting shot)!”


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“David Kipen in his Libros Schmibros bookstore. David was a great guy to shoot, and very kind for letting us invade his store for an hour or so. I tried to take as many photos as I could of him when he was not paying attention to me.”


“Los Angeles has been described a lot as ‘palm trees and power lines.’ It is an interesting city, as it is really is just a giant sprawled out cacophony of suburbs. I enjoy the flora that Los Angeles has to offer. It is very unlike any other city in its green-ness. This image is one I enjoy from the Orange Line train window.”


“In a city were pretty much everyone has a car, Los Angeles public transit commuters are pretty rare compared to other metropolitan cities. Orange Line train patrons sitting quietly as seen through a window reflection.”


“Some mariachi men at Guisado’s Taqueria in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of LA. These handsome men were in between songs that included some Christmas favorites, as well as a slew of tunes I couldn’t name for the life of me.”

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