Help 52 Learning AFAR students get the passports they need to go on their expedition

Each year, Learning AFAR, a partnership between AFAR and No Barriers Youth, sends schoolkids from under-served communities in the United States on life-changing expeditions abroad. 

In 2015, for example, 161 students from schools in NYC, Oakland, LA, Chicago, and Fort Collins traveled to China or Costa Rica. For many, it was not only their first time traveling abroad, but their first time boarding an airplane, or leaving their own neighborhood.

As well as the travel itself, Learning AFAR participants engage in an ongoing educational program that highlights leadership, cross-cultural exchange, and service—to the host communities abroad and at home. They also produce a travel magazine, based on the AFAR model, for themselves and their communities.

Here at AFAR, we understand the power of travel to help people comprehend not just the wider world around and beyond them, but their place within it. This gift is even more important for young people who might not otherwise have such an opportunity.

Which is where you come in. Learning AFAR could not happen without your generous assistance in helping us promote the project and raise the necessary funds. Next year, for example, 52 Learning AFAR students will need a passport in order to go on their expedition. That's why we're running the Learning AFAR Holiday Challenge: one week to raise enough money to help these students get their first passports.

Each $135 donated helps cover one student's passport fee.  But all donations, no matter the amount, make a huge difference, and every donation helps us fund more students. And if you can't contribute money, sharing this campaign to your social networks can have a big impact, too.

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So please, if you can, make a donation here, and help give the gift of travel this Christmas.

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