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Last Week's 10 Best Travel Instagrams

By Maggie Fuller


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Tour Eiffel, Paris


Tour Eiffel, Paris

Check out the best of the best from @afarmedia

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Last Friday, November 13th, people all over took to Instagram to show solidarity with and support of Paris following a series of attacks throughout the city. We sent our thoughts and hearts to the City of Light with the beautiful tribute above to the Eiffel Tower by @rebeccaplotnick and were overwhelmed with the support shown by the #traveldeeper community. #jesuisparis 

Earlier in the week #traveldeeper was enamored of streets and pathways. We walked bridges in Prague and climbed stairways in Oahu. We wandered alleyways in Croatia, devoured gelato in Italy and went off-path to make friends with Zebras in Ambroseli National Park in Kenya. Check out the favorites below and don't forget to tag your 'grams #traveldeeper for a chance to be featured next week on @afarmedia.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

@conor.a found the perfect people-watching view of Prague on an autumn afternoon. #traveldeeper

3. Jaipur, India 

Wishing we could fly to Jaipur to watch the sunset with @annapurnauna. #traveldeeper

4. Weston, Connecticut

Connecticut in the fall is absolutely idyllic. Photo by @sarahirenemurphy#traveldeeper

5. Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco

Those tiles though! Photo by @thewaytotravel#traveldeeper

6. Brooklyn Heights Historic District, New York, New York

The Brooklyn Bridge looks regal from any angle. Photo by @leslieryann#traveldeeper

7. Haiku Stairs Trail, Oahu, Hawaii

How many steps can you count on Oahu's Haiku Stairs Trail? Photo by @dankadanka#traveldeeper

8. Omiš, Croatia

Unreal views in the port city of Omiš, Croatia, by @jsftravel#traveldeeper

9. Giolitti Gelato, Rome, Italy

Craving a scoop (or three)? Check out our favorite gelato spots in ItalyPhoto by @ginajlee#traveldeeper

10. Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Spot the zebra! Photo by @rjiselyimages#traveldeeper

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