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La La Land Wins—on WB Studio Tour

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Courtesy of La La Land

For a limited time, you can check out a part of the acclaimed film’s set.

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By now you probably have heard that La La Land didn’t actually win the Academy Award for Best Picture after all.

That hasn’t stopped Warner Brothers from featuring one of the film’s iconic sets on the WB Studio Tour.

According to the studio’s website, for a limited time the standard tour at the studio in Burbank, California, will include a stop at Café Sur Le Lot, the coffee shop set where Mia, Emma Stone’s character, worked as a barista before she decided to follow her dream to become an actor. 

An article from Entertainment Weekly noted that tour-goers will be able to walk onto the set itself, stepping into a piece of the movie that essentially has been preserved in time. Neither Stone nor Ryan Gosling, who played a character named Sebastian, was expected to be present (but a film fan certainly can dream). 

The special stop is available through March 6, at no additional charge. The tour is available daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and tickets are $62 each. 

The film La La Land made news this awards season when it received 14 Oscar nominations. At Sunday night’s Academy Awards, the film erroneously was named as “Best Picture” until it was revealed that presenter Warren Beatty had grabbed the wrong envelope, and another film, Moonlight actually had won. 

Of its 13 other nominations, La La Land took home six Oscars, including a Best Actress nod for Stone. 

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The studio would not comment on whether access to this particular part of the La La Land set would be extended after March 6. Other exhibits on the tour currently include a Harry Potter experience highlighting props and costumes from the franchise’s films and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, plus the DC Superhero Universe.

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour usually takes between two and three hours.

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