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Kauai Through the Lens of Photographer Carson Grzegorczyk

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On an island as lush as Kauai, there’s no shortage of ways to experience its natural beauty. That’s what photographer and social media guru Carson Grzegorczyk discovered when he traded his Michigan rain boots for flip-flops and hiking boots. His mission to capture the island by land and sea turned into a once-in-a-lifetime experience, during which he embraced the spirit of #LetHawaiiHappen. His resulting photos bring the appeal of Kauai into focus. Dive in!

“Timing is everything at this gorgeous two-tiered waterfall. When the sun shines through at just the right angle, the view is nothing short of spectacular. There’s almost always a beautiful rainbow at the bottom. I went early in the morning, but it’s definitely one of those views that’s worth it any time of day.”
“All around, it’s the ideal day trip. Depending on the ocean conditions, you can spend the morning snorkeling in calm waters or an afternoon body boarding when the surf’s good. It’s also an amazing spot to catch and capture the sunset. The way the shadowy palm trees stand against the shoreline and fiery sky is a photographer’s dream.”
“It’s not something you expect to see on Kauai. The panoramic views are absolutely breathtaking. The drive up offers so many photo-ops, there’s no way you can get to the top without stopping at nearly every lookout. There’s also a Canyon Trail for anyone who’s looking for an adventure.”  
“You can experience Napali Coast by land, sea, and air. I took a boat tour to get a unique vantage point. There’s something magical about being able to take pictures from the water looking back at the land—it’s one of the most difficult things to capture. Seeing the towering cliffs in all their glory was the most memorable part of my trip.”

Find more inspiration at #LetHawaiiHappen  

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