In the far north of Australia, past the wineries of the Blue Mountains, the surfing hot spots outside of Sydney, and the Great Barrier Reef, is a mystical, magical part of the country many overlook, but shouldn’t: Kakadu National Park.

Froelich and a giant termite mound.

The park is like a time capsule from the Jurassic era: Everything here is bigger and weirder than anywhere else in the world. The termite mounds can grow up to 30 feet high, the rivers are teeming with super-sized crocodiles, and the billabongs support thousands of forms of plant and animal life not seen anywhere else in the world. (There are ants that are bright yellow, and if you lick their underbellies they taste like a lemon-lime soda—not kidding!)


Ancient Aboriginal artwork.

The entire park is the size of New Jersey and is full of breathtaking waterfalls that drop from cliffs hiding ancient Aboriginal artwork, some of which is thought to be more than 45,000 years old. It’s a land of magic and beauty—and it’s not to be missed.

See Paula in Kakadu National Park:

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