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Is This Alley The World’s Most Instagrammable Place?

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What if you could pinpoint a place where every turn yields a different colorful, artful background? Where some of the world’s best street art—a.k.a. Instagram gold—is packed into a tiny area? Well, you can. Head right over to Clarion Alley in San Francisco. Since the early 1990s, this tiny street in the Mission District has hosted art that comments on the social and political climate. Every shot will yield saturated photos, many of which don’t even need to be edited. Get that #nofilter hashtag ready. Just do us a favor: Before snapping, stop to appreciate the art and its message.

 1. This mural’s meaning is up for interpretation, but one thing is certain: It’s absolutely gorgeous.

 2. Sidewalk art means that your furry friends can get in on the selfies.

 3. Speaking of selfies, this is one of the more meta selfies we’ve ever seen.
4. Please, don’t step on the sidewalk fish. 
5. Even the most muted of murals makes for eye-popping photos.

6. A view of the alley, which is only a little over 600 feet long.

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