Photo by @blisskatherine



You’ve probably already seen this unassuming storefront on Instagram or elsewhere on social media and thought, “Where is this place? Is it actually a Prada store? Why do people like taking pictures in front of it?” Answers to your questions: It’s Prada Marfa, which is located on U.S. Highway 90, close to the town of Valentine, Texas (the sign claims it’s in Marfa, which it is not); No, it’s not a real Prada store—it’s an art installation created by artists Michael Elmgree and Ingar Dragset; people love to take pictures there because the contrast of the barren Texan landscape with the high-end branding makes for a really, really cool photo. In fact, it might be the most Instagrammable place on Earth. Here’s some evidence.

Photo by @vaughnograph
 Prada Marfa looks great, even after getting a little wet.
Photo by @ohhhchelsea
It’s the perfect setting for the modern cowboy’s new profile pic.
Photo by @missrenaissance
 Highway 90 isn’t hugely busy, so you can strike a yoga pose. 
photo by @chicityfashion
 Or just…chill.
Photo by @bensassani
 Though it’s not truly a store, Prada Marfa still puts its lights on at night.

Photo by @alissamandel
It even looks good on the original Instagram: Polaroids.

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