AFAR travelers are experience seekers, looking to get the most out of every destination. That’s why we’ve built—your experiential travel guide—so travelers can find authentic things to do all over the world. Whether you have a few hours between meetings in Atlanta, a layover in Mexico City, or a whole week to explore Madrid, you want to find under-the-radar experiences that help you get to know the soul of a place—and maybe extend your stay to discover more.

Experience seekers are everywhere—many of them haven’t discovered this incredible experiential-travel resource—and sure, we want more people to know about AFAR. But moreover, we want more people to travel this way: to understand how transformative it is to connect with a culture, a place, and its people. That’s why, when Westin Hotels & Resorts asked us to help their guests get beneath the surface of a city while staying at one of their nearly 200 properties around the world, we knew we wanted to help.

We’re extremely excited to introduce our partnership with Westin Hotels & Resorts, Westin Finds from AFAR. Our team of editors has harnessed the expertise of hundreds of local experts around the world, curating guides through a lens that brings Westin’s well-being positioning to life, featuring the most unique experiences near—often in walking distance of—Westin properties. The Highlights appear on the beautiful site, and also available on We’ve got about 100 Westin property guides live now, and are adding more each month. Someone staying at The Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square might not have known that just minutes away they can join in on a hiking and yoga tour of the city. Or at The Westin Palace, Madrid, visitors can stock up on authentic rope-sole espadrilles at Casa Hernanz.

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We’re very proud of this partnership, and very excited that Westin Hotels & Resorts recognizes the power of experiential travel. To celebrate, we’ve launched a contest designed to reward the local expertise of AFAR travelers. We’re giving away 15 two-night stays at Westin hotels to 15 winners. See the details on how you can win!