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Introducing the New AFAR Trip Planner

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Trip planning just got easier

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Now more than ever, AFAR can act as the hub for all your travel dreaming and planning, making it even easier to save, plan, and go. Our mission is to guide, inspire, and enable travelers to have deeper and more fulfilling experiences. Today we are excited to announce our newest travel tool, the AFAR Trip Planner.

So what can you do with this tool?

 1. Save ALL content from across AFAR.com, not just lists and places. This means that alongside our library of over 80,000 recommendations on what to do and where to stay, eat, drink, and shop around the world, you can also save our inspirational slideshows, travel news, and practical tips.

2. Saving is now a one-click process: Just hit the heart icon, and you're done. You no longer need to think about where to save something. All saves go into your personal saved items section. From there, you can filter them by geographic location, category, or keyword. And after you've saved items, you can add them to personal trip plans.

3.  Save items from around the web using the AFAR bookmarklet. Inspiration can strike anywhere. Now, if you come across an interesting article, a useful timetable, or just a place we haven't covered on AFAR, you can clip it to your saved items at the touch of  a button—no matter which website you're on. Access the AFAR bookmarklet.

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4. Add your saves into a trip plan. Filtering your saved items can help you find what you're looking for. But if you're  planning a trip—whether two weeks in Italy or a weekend break near your hometown—you can create a specific trip plan and use that to gather everything together. For example, you could add the places you want to visit, where you're going to eat and stay, articles about local culture, or any other practical travel information.

5. Organize your trip plan into days and add notes. Add items into specific days on your trip to help you figure out what to do when, and to make sure you have the right information to hand when you need it. Append personal notes to your trip plan, including to specific days and even to individual items you've added.

That's just a brief overview of what you can do with the new AFAR Trip Planner. We'll be making updates and sharing more information and tips over the coming weeks and months. 


 A quick note for current AFAR.com users: All your lists have been converted into trip plans, and your wishlist items have migrated into saved items. This is all accessible via the Trip Planner link in the site navigation menu—next to your round profile pic. 

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We hope you're as excited about the AFAR Trip Planner as we are, and that you'll use it to plan your next trip. Submit this form to let us know how it went and what we could do better.

Happy planning, and travel deeper!

The AFAR Trip Planner is sponsored by American Express Travel and made possible by their commitment to cultivating meaningful experiences.

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