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Visit Mexico pulls at the heartstrings while calling out Americans’ squandering of vacation days.

We’ve said it before: Americans just don’t take enough vacation time. Sure, we fantasize about lounging beside incredible hotel pools or exploring a hiking trail in a far-flung place, but rarely do we actually take the time off from work and make it happen.

As it turns out, Mexico is very aware of its northern neighbors’ squandering of their vacation days. Brilliantly, they’ve figured out a way to simultaneously promote their gorgeous, diverse country, tweak that familiar pang of FOMO, and tease out an emotional response to missing out on experiencing the world—a campaign called Doppelgängers. 

Visit Mexico, the country’s tourism board, begins the video with the staggering statistic that 41 percent of Americans did not take a vacation in 2015. Then they find people who’ve missed out on an insane amount of vacation days (one woman hadn’t taken a vacation in nine years. NINE YEARS!) and send nearly identical people to experience the dreamiest parts of Mexico—snorkeling, horseback riding on a beach, diving into a luxurious-looking infinity pool. When the non–vacation takers watch these videos and can actually see themselves on vacation, the reaction is overwhelmingly emotional—for both the person in the video and the viewer.

If you haven’t taken a vacation in far too long, do yourself a favor: Watch this video. It won’t just convince you to book a trip to Mexico. It’ll make your heart ache to know that you’re missing out on the rich travel experiences you could have just by requesting some time off.

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