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How We Do Breakfast in San Francisco

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Unlike some cities, San Francisco doesn’t have one specific breakfast to claim as its own but rather several little trendlettes—and everyone has their favorite. Here, a wildly generalized, totally biased breakdown of several of the city’s defining breakfast personalities. What, we missed something? We’re sure we did, so air your grievances in the comments below.

The Toast Masters
Devoted to: A thick, elegantly coiffed slice of toasted bread.
Where You’ll Find Them: The Mill, Josey Baker’s temple of house-milled flour; Trouble Coffee.
The Order: Anything you can get your hands on at the Mill. The Wonderbread is terrific, as is the made-from-scratch Nutella. Trouble Coffee traffics solely in cinnamon-sugar toast.

The Cleansers
Devoted to: Purifying the system via Crayola-colored cold-pressed juices.
Where You’ll Find Them: Queuing at the Juice Shop. You can ID true devotees by their bag of clinking bottles (those cute little bottles are worth a $2 refund a pop).
The Order: The Bright Green for green juice rubes (pineapple and apple balance out the grassiness of the kale); Lemon-Aid for the ailing.

The Weekend Warriors
Devoted to: Brunch
Where You’ll Find Them: Patiently waiting for a table outside standbys like Boogaloos and Dottie’s True Blue Cafe, and newbies like Marla Bakery and Brenda’s Meat & Three. Equally good, but often less crowded: Bar Tartine.
The Order: Isn’t anything good after an hour-plus wait? Of note: Lemon cornmeal pancakes at Boogaloos, Dottie’s strata, the bagel plate at Marla.

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The Pastry Obsessives
Devoted to: Seeking out the pinnacles of baked butter, flour, and sugar. And then documenting them on Instagram.
Where You’ll Find Them: B. Patisserie, Neighbor Bakehouse, Craftsman & Wolves.
The Order: The Kouign Amann from B. Patisserie, a croissant from Neighbor, the Rebel Within from Craftsman.

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Photo by Danielle Walsh

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