The first week of CATCH brought in nearly 350 new Highlights! (See the contest description and the first week’s winners.) That’s almost twice as much as the biggest week of our last contest. As judges, we have our work cut out for us. And to make it even harder for us, I want to give you a few pointers on what we look for in a winning Highlight.

A captivating photo. This is the first thing to catch our eye so make sure it’s, well, eye-catching. We appreciate different points of view and the feeling of really being in the experience. If there are people in the frame, we prefer them to be of the locals.

A specific location. Your Highlight is an essential part of the collaborative travel guide. Therefore, the more specific you are about the place, the better. If there is an address, include it. If there is a URL to the website of a restaurant, hotel, or helpful service, by all means let us know.

A clear description. We tend to pick Highlights with some kind of interesting insight to the culture and/or unique tips on how to best experience it. When writing your description, think about what you would like to know as someone who has never been to this destination. Length is not a determining factor of winning Highlights, as long as the description provides details as to how to make your experience replicable.

Other pointers for CATCH:
Although not a requirement, we enjoy creative titles—not just the theme name of the week.
Your description can be as personal as you like, but remember to think about how someone else will benefit from your story. It’s always a good idea to include tips or recommendations.

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If you have several Highlights for one location, please make an effort to change up your description. We notice when you essentially cut and paste the first paragraph of every Highlight.

As the contest continues, you can see all of the entries in my Wanderlists, organized by category. And last but not least, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you have any questions about your Highlights or the contest rules, I’m happy to clarify. Good luck!