These parents are doing it right.

Photo Credit: Michelle Bruce

We’ve all been there: Settling in for your long flight, neck pillow secure behind you, preparing to pop a sleep aid. Then WHAM—you’re assaulted by the shrill cry of a small child, a cry that doesn’t stop for at least three of the eight hours of your flight. Bye, full night’s sleep.

Especially if you’re not a parent, it’s easy to curse that kid on your flight. To you, he or she is just a noise-making machine that’s standing between you and dreamland. But recently, one particularly crafty set of parents found a great solution for both humanizing their noisy kids and appealing to the plane’s passengers: Give them presents.

“We are 2 1/2 years old & 7 months old and we are going to DISNEY WORLD!” this adorable note reads. “We will try to be our sweet, happy, smiling selves. But, we would like to apologize in advance just in case we lose our cool, get scared, or our ears get hurt. My Mom & Dad packed these earplugs and treats just in case. We hope you have a great flight!

“Thank you, Tyler & Morgan.”


Nope, there’s no better way to get on plane passengers’ good side than immediately giving them things like Rice Krispies Treats, candies, and free earplugs as you’re toting a couple of kids into the cabin. Writing that quick note will make your little ones more relatable, painting them as innocent, scared cherubs rather than screaming monsters. If you decide to include edible treats in your consolation bag, make sure they’re commercially sealed—with security concerns on planes, nobody is going to want to eat your homemade brownies, no matter how in demand they are at your kindergartener’s bake sale. And, no, you don’t have to give these goodies to the entire flight. Just distribute them to passengers in the aisles around you, and save a couple for the gentleman making the loud groaning noises every time your kids are audible.

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