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How to Play AFAR's Pastry Bingo

By AFAR Editors


From the May/June 2017 issue

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Illustrations by Amanda Lanzone; photo by Jeffery Cross

Try the full-fat travelers version—or a calorie-free, play-it-at-home version

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The croissants of the world get all the attention. But there are so many rich pastry experiences out there. To play this sweetened-up version of La Lotería—a Mexican game of chance akin to bingo—print out this image and start collecting (aka eating) these lesser-known pastries of the world. As you taste them, tweet or Instagram a photo tagged #afarplaydough. To play a calorie-free version, follow the rules below. 

1. Print out this game board, one for every person playing. Print out three to four extra game boards to use as cards (see rule #2). If you really want to get fancy, print out the boards and the cards on heavy-duty card stock. 

2. Cut the extra boards apart—you'll get 16 "cards" from each board—and shuffle the cards.

3. Collect 8-12 game pieces for each player: coins, beans, tiny toys, scone crumbs . . . 

4. Set a pastry pot: The prize (a box of donuts, perhaps?) for the first person to get a winning pattern. Winning patterns are four pastries in a row, running horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 

5. Each player has one game board (similar to bingo). Players take turns drawing a card and marking with a game piece the corresponding image on their board until the first person gets one of the winning patterns. 

6. Got a winning pattern? Shout "butter" to win the pastry pot. 

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