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How to Get to the Heart of Colombia in Just 10 Days

By Sarah Purkrabek

Feb 13, 2016

From the March/April 2016 issue

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Photo by Jason Seldon

AFAR art director Jason Seldon spent 10 days on a whirlwind tour of the country's white-hot cities.

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“My friend and I travel together every year. Our only requirements are that the destination should be warm and have good food, and we can’t know the language well (just to keep it interesting). This year, that led us to Colombia.

"We drank coffee at Franca, a café in the Chapinero district of Bogotá, saw horse-drawn carriages in Cartagena, and took in the view of Medellín from a hillside park. Cartagena was the biggest sensory overload. We stayed in the historic center, at the Casa San Agustín, a respite from the busy city. The street names are different on every block, so you can’t really go looking for places. Instead, we took the days as they came.

"One night, we joined a spontaneous street party. Everyone from college kids to seniors was salsa dancing. At one point, a woman grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the crowd. At first I was embarrassed because I didn’t know the steps, but as I looked at the happy people around me, I fell into the moment.” 

—As told to Sarah Purkrabek

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