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How Far Would You Go to See One of the Rarest Creatures on Earth?

By Maggie Fuller


From the January/February 2017 issue

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In a remote region of India, the reclusive snow leopard frolics with other rare Himalayan creatures

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Tibetan Antelope
The endangered Tibetan antelope is often poached for its soft, warm underwool, called shahtoosh, which is used to make fine shawls.

Himalayan Marmot
Also known as snow pigs, these ground squirrels live in colonies of up to 30 mem- bers and cuddle throughout winter for warmth.

Siberian Ibex
The Siberian Ibex’s horns are like mammalian tree trunks. You can deduce their age from the number of rings encircling them.

Snow Partridge
The snow partridge, which builds its nest on rocky hillsides, has a plumage of gray and chestnut stripes and a bright red bill.

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