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Hot Plates: 12 Dishes With Global Flair

By Andrew Richdale

Mar 18, 2015

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These dishes from around the world are something to feast your eyes on.

1, 8 Hermès, $120, $100

2, 5, 7 Mondays, $40, $65, $55

3 If you’ve dined at the Nomad Hotel in New York City, you’ve eaten off these plates from Jono Pandolfi. $25

4 Mondays for Blue Hill, $50

6 Yes, that is a dancing chicken, from Finnish brand Iittala’s new Tanssi (dance) line. $35

9 Roberto Cavalli, $90

10 Jono Pandolfi, $14

11 John Derian by Astier de Villatte, $116

12 Tell your guests that this groovy marbled plate from Lynn Mahon is terra-cotta and was made in Paris. Price available on request.

Photo by Jeffery Cross

This appeared in the May 2015 issue. 

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