It’s time for hometown visits this week. And amidst turkey and stuffing and Uncle Frank’s off-color stories, take a little time to think about how you’d present your city to out-of-towners. What insider discoveries do you go back to again and again? Whether it’s the hole-in-the-wall cafe that serves Korean specialties or the walking tour that hits all the best street art in town, your hometown Highlights are what will prove you as a Local Expert. Upload five or more, save them into a Wanderlist, and you’ll be in the running to win a Kindle Paperwhite 3G. There are just two weeks left in this contest, so have at it!

We’ve seen some great new Local Experts coming through our virtual doors, showcasing their hometown delights. Explore Cape Town, Toronto, Los Angeles, and more through the eyes of these locals. And congratulations to Lindsey Tramuta and Natalie Taylor—their Wanderlists won them each a Kindle!

Marie Frei, Cape Town
Tomas June, Toronto
Kimberly, Asheville
Jack MacDonough, Milwaukee
Susan Mason, Los Angeles
Erin N., Indianapolis
Natalie Taylor, Toronto

And our existing Local Experts are going strong, still posting great Highlights about their hometowns!

Azul Adnan, Kuala Lumpur
Sivan Askayo, Tel Aviv
Michela Baxter, Columbus, Ohio
George Brown, Athens, Georgia
Nancy Brown, Lafayette, California
Stephanie Chen, Lafayette, Indiana
Chris Ciolli, Barcelona
Joseph Cyr, Tucson, Arizona
Lara Dalinsky, Alexandria, Virginia
Stephanie Dosch, Madrid, Spain
Ryan Goheen, Ho Chi Minh City
Chelsea Harms, Rincon, Puerto Rico
Madeline Horn, Santa Cruz, California
Arwen Joyce, Singapore
Julee K., Washington DC
Matthew Keesecker, Chicago
Justin Lee, Johannesburg, South Africa
Jennifer Ley, Montclair, New Jersey
Sue Long, Arkansas Valley, Colorado
Rey Madolora, Austin, Texas
Amy McMahon, Seneca Falls, New York
Guy Needham, Auckland, New Zealand
Stephanie P., Seattle
Flash Parker, Toronto, Canada
Kelsey Pecherer, Sao Paolo
Andrea Rip, Honolulu, Hawaii
Colin Roohan, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Rajam Roose, San Diego
Lindsey Tramuta, Paris, France

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