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Highlights from the 2014 AFAR #TravelVanguard Twitter Chat

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In celebration of our first annual Travel Vanguard feature—22 people, places, and ideas that are changing the way we move—in the June/July issue of AFAR Magazine, we hosted a Twitter chat on June 4, 2014. We threw six questions out there, covering the themes of the Travel Vanguard this year. AFAR editors, like-minded brands, and other members of the AFAR community pitched in, and we were impressed, surprised, and pleased with the responses. Here are a few of our favorites.

Q1: What’s your must-have travel accessory and/or app?

Q2: Would you travel long distances by train? What about visiting space?

Q3: Where’s your favorite airport or hotel? Why? Photo or it didn’t happen!

Q4: At what point does attentive service become bad service?

Q5: What are some bad habits you’ve observed while traveling?

Q6: What should be in next year’s #TravelVanguard?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our #TravelVanguard chat, and thanks also to those people, places, and ideas that are disrupting the world of travel. We can’t wait to celebrate you in the 2015 edition of the Travel Vanguard.

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