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Four Great U.S. Vintage Shops

By Jay Carroll


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Jay Carroll, who travels the world for Levi’s collecting inspiration for seasonal collections, shared with us his favorite vintage stores in the U.S.

Mister Freedom Los Angeles, California (shown above)
“Mister Freedom is the epicenter of vintage apparel. It’s one of the best-curated vintage stores in the U.S., offering a range of Japanese textiles, French linen nightshirts, Aran sweaters, work boots and, of course, old Levi’s jeans.” 7161 Beverly Blvd., (323) 653-2014, misterfreedom.com

Wonder Valley Thrift Store Wonder Valley, California
“The two-room cinderblock house near Twentynine Palms, California, is open only six hours a week, and the mix of items is really fun. The bathroom is filled floor to ceiling with covers from junk paperbacks and rare pulp novels. I found some interesting military throwaways and a bunch of letters from old signs that I thought were really cool.” Open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 6266 Godwin Rd.

New Brohemia Austin, Texas
“In the spirit of Austin, this vintage store feels like it’s run by kids who have a high-desert, Gram Parsons, living-in-a-teepee sensibility. It’s in an adobe-looking house and has a great selection of Western boots, bolo ties, button-downs, and killer suits from Continental European to corduroy. They wash their goods before putting them out, which is an important vintage store requirement, in my opinion.” 2209 South First St. # D, (512) 804-0988

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Salvation Army Portland, Maine
“This warehouse in my hometown gets something like 3,000 new items a day. Maine is the isolated frontier of the East, so there’s not the demand for vintage wear like there is in larger cities. It’s a gold mine for vintage L.L. Bean—bags, boots, coats, sweaters—and outerwear: ski jackets, Norfolk jackets, and tweed blazers.” 30 Warren Ave., (207) 878-8591

Image courtesy of Mister Freedom. See Jay Carroll’s favorite souvenirs and favorite places to stay, play, and drive. Read the interview with Jay Carroll.