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Founder’s Note: Make Travel Personal, Go Mobile with AFAR

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In the three years since we launched AFAR magazine, we have established ourselves as the voice of experiential travel. AFAR is about getting beneath the surface and experiencing firsthand the things that make a place distinctive.

We have been gratified by the response to the magazine. Our circulation has more than tripled since our first issue, which leads us to believe that more and more people want to experience a place the way locals do, and to go beyond escapist vacations and sightseeing trips.

You, our readers, are incredible travelers. You embrace the world, celebrate its diversity, and approach everything with a sense of discovery.

We wanted to find a way to help remarkable travelers share their discoveries. And that’s why I’m so excited to unveil our new, free mobile app, now available for iPhone and Android.

The new app is built around the concept of Highlights. Highlights are straightforward in structure: a photo, title, short description, and location (map) of a great travel experience.

Sounds simple, right?

But this basic structure supports a wealth of information—and that’s what makes Highlights special. They’re not just pretty pictures. Highlights track memorable, replicable experiences and offer inspiration to fellow members of the community.

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We already have more than 5,000 Highlights online, including hundreds taken from the pages of the magazine. And that number is increasing every day. Travelers have posted tips on how to visit Kolkata’s flower market, where to drink Champagne on the slopes of the Swiss Alps, and what it’s like to descend into an ancient salt mine in Austria. You can view Highlights on our redesigned website, AFAR.com, as well as on your mobile device. Browse and save your favorite Highlights so you can plan to visit these places yourself, and then share them with your friends.

In addition to all these exciting digital changes, you’ll notice that the magazine has a new look, one that reflects how we’ve evolved since our launch. It presents the exciting stories you’ve come to expect from us in an even more inviting and sophisticated way.

Please let me know what you think: Ask me a question or send me a comment on AFAR.com from wherever your travels may take you.

Good travels,

Greg Sullivan

Cofounder & CEO

This appeared in the May/June 2012 issue

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