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Featured Travelers: Dan and Audrey of Uncornered Market

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We’ve expressed our admiration for traveling partners Dan Noll and Audrey Scott, who write the blog Uncornered Market, before—after their trip to Iran in 2011. Now their country count has been upped to 75, and yes, they are still married.

We love the focus they put on getting over fear—of any sort—and “open[ing] ourselves to notable experiences.” And they are walking the walk (or leaping the leap): check out their Highlight of base-flying in Berlin.


Dan and Audrey created an inspiring Wanderlist for New Zealand, where they visited this winter. Get to know them a little better through their answers to our questionnaire, below, and be sure to follow their adventures on their blog.

Right now we’re in Berlin.

Though we would much prefer to be in Papua New Guinea scuba diving amongst World War II wrecks.

Occupation: Life enthusiast, traveler, blogger, speaker, photographer

Our next trip is to Ladakh, India.

An embroidered brightly colored camel shawl from Tolkuchka Bazaar in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan is our most treasured travel souvenir.

Favorite hotel: Six Senses Spa and Hotel at Ma’in Hot Springs in Jordan.

Favorite restaurant: Le Felteau in the Marais neighborhood of Paris. One part biker bar, another part tiny bistro.

Favorite shopping destination: It’s a tie. Bangkok and Amazon.

If you’re in Estonia in the summer, be sure to celebrate Jaanipaev (close to midsummer’s day) and jump over a bonfire for good luck.

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Favorite airport and why? We do have a soft spot for the airport in Khorog, Tajikistan. The plane only can fly in good weather. Everyone gets weighed before they get on the plane. It’s the most unusual airport we’ve been to.

Where do you always take out-of-town friends? In Berlin, we usually take them on a bicycle food tour around our favorite spots in Kreuzberg and Neukolln.

Fly solo or travel with family/friends/tour group? Usually we’re solo (as in the two of us together), but we also have enjoyed a few G Adventures small group tours the last few years to places like Iran, Tanzania, Japan.

Most out-of-character travel experience? Something that you would never have done at home. Going to a transvestite show and hanging out with pole dancers on Christmas Eve in southern Thailand.

Biggest travel mistake? Drinking several bottles of water on the train from St. Petersburg, Russia to Tallinn, Estonia. Just as I (Audrey) got up to go, they locked the toilets for three hours at the border. I’ve never been in such bladder pain in my life. Now I ALWAYS check when we’ll arrive at borders, whether on a bus or train.

Favorite foreign word or phrase: už nemůžu (Czech). Literally means “Already I can’t” but it is used for “I’m full.”

Favorite foreign tradition: When you toast someone with drinks, you need to look them in the eye. Otherwise, it’s 7 years of bad sex.

Travel has taught us that boundaries are often a figment of our imaginations. 

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