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Featured Traveler: Travel Evangelist Jeremy Kressmann

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If we could trade jobs with anyone for a day, Jeremy Kressmann would be a top contender. As Tumblr’s Travel Evangelist, Jeremy manages the gorgeous, wanderlust-filled ‘Travel on Tumblr!‘, but you can also find him writing for Gadling on topics like Berlin’s abandoned spy ship and pizza in New York. Below, Jeremy shares his favorite place to get lost, the noodles he’ll take over a fancy restaurant any day, and the Brooklyn coffee shop he misses most when he’s far from home.


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Right now I’m in Brooklyn, NY.

Though I would much prefer to be in Barcelona getting lost in the labyrinthine alleys of the Barri Gòtic.

Occupation: Travel Evangelist at Tumblr.

My next trip is to Sri Lanka.

My last trip took me to Berlin.

A vintage Thai movie poster I found in Chiang Mai is my most treasured travel souvenir.

Favorite hotel: the Fairmont Orchid on Hawaii’s Big Island. You can snorkel with sea turtles right from the beach.

Favorite restaurant: I’d trade all the restaurants in the world for a 75 cent bowl of noodles from Saigon’s Lunch Lady, eaten al fresco on a rickety plastic stool.

Favorite shopping destination: Tokyo, for the top-notch quality, astounding diversity and pure weirdness of products on offer.

Favorite local style/most stylish place: Marrakech. I’m obsessed with Islamic arts and architecture, and Marrakech’s medieval Medina is a gold mine of wood carvings, lanterns, metalwork and textiles. A wonderful place to get lost.

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iPhone or DSLR? iPhone. I’m a firm believer in the saying that the best camera is the one you have with you. Convenience beats lens size.

Public transportation, cab, or bike? I’m a public transport junkie. Subway maps fascinate me.

If you’re going to Burma in October/November, don’t miss the Taunggyi Balloon Festival. They load up intricately designed hot air balloons with fireworks and then launch them into the air. One of the most incredible celebrations I’ve ever seen.

Long bus rides are the best way/place to connect with locals. The extended travel time provides ample opportunities for interaction, food sharing and conversation.

Favorite airport and why? Seoul’s Incheon Airport. Free WIFI plus a movie theater, a golf course and a Korean culture museum.

What’s the one hometown place you miss most while traveling? My local Brooklyn coffee shop, Maybelle’s.

First thing you do when you get home: Take a long shower!

Where do you always take out-of-town friends? Governor’s Island in the summer. It almost feels like you’re not in New York City any more.

Favorite travel book: Blue Highways, by William Least Heat-Moon.

Best memory of a trip with kids—either from your own childhood or with your own kids: Picking (and eating) giant baskets full of blueberries at a farm in Michigan.

Most out-of-character travel experience? Something that you would never have done at home. Going bungee jumping and whitewater rafting (the same day!) in New Zealand.

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Biggest travel mistake? Not spending enough time in places I visit. We’re all so rushed to get to the next destination or back to work we sometimes forget to live in the moment.

Favorite foreign word or phrase: Gemütlich [which means "pleasant or cheerful" in German].

Favorite foreign tradition: drinking espresso at a stand-up coffee bar in Italy.

Travel has taught me to be more open to new experiences and people. The world is much friendlier, interesting and welcoming place than I would have ever known if I had just stayed home.

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Kressman