Once appreciated for the familiarity of standardized features and amenities, luxury hotels now use buzzwords like “customized,” “unique,” and “curated.” But what do those actually mean? Here’s a look at one hotel that has successfully rejected the status quo and embraced a personality all its own: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

From the moment you step into the lobby and take in eight floor-to-ceiling architectural columns showing ever-changing poetic films, you know you’re in for a Vegas experience that’s anything but ordinary. Instead, the Cosmopolitan plays it cheeky, starting with its tagline, “Just the Right Amount of Wrong.”

Designed for a creative, “curious class” clientele, The Cosmopolitan took a daring, distinctive approach to its interior design by enlisting innovators like Adam Tihany and David Rockwell for a vibe that’s both richly luxurious and ridiculously playful. From the bold geometric fabrics of the furniture to opulent finishes of the polished marble floors, the rooms make you feel as if you’re borrowing the apartment of a trendsetting socialite. And with the hotel’s location in the heart of the Strip, they reveal stunning views of Vegas and beyond.

With names like David Chang, Chef José Andrés and the Bromberg Brothers on their roster, The Cosmopolitan’s collection of 18 restaurants is another example of how it sets itself apart from cookie-cutter Vegas resorts. Guests can savor noodles at the celebrated Momofuku restaurant, or inventive takes on childhood desserts at Milk Bar where the infamous crack pie may become your new addiction. Eggslut serves the innovative twists on comfort food that made Alvin Cailan’s original L.A. location a cult favorite while Mexican and Chinese flavors are presented in surprising ways at Chef José Andrés’ China Poblano.

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Image courtesy of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Cocktail aficionados not only will admire the glittering crystals of The Chandelier lounge, but the Verbena cocktail served with a Sichuan flower that you eat before your first sip. Without getting lost in the details of the biological processes, the flower excites the drinker’s taste buds for a sensation that will baffle your palate—in a good way. And if you want to imbibe in more libations, the mixologists at Bond, Clique, the Study, and Vesper Bar all have their own signature cocktails waiting to be sipped on.

Even more sensory adventures await at the Cosmopolitan’s Sahra Spa & Hamman, which transports you to a desert oasis complete with soaking pools under a ceiling that mimics the night sky. The spa’s signature hammam treatment brings Turkish traditions to Vegas. You’ll relax on a heated stone slab as a therapist exfoliates you using a traditional kese mitt. Afterwards, the application of clays and oils scented with jasmine, rose, cardamom, tangerine, and figs evoke distant bazaars with each breath.

After you emerge from this spa sanctuary relaxed and refreshed, you can put that fresh energy to work by heading up to Marquee, a unique dayclub and nightclub overlooking the Strip. Here, the dance party starts before noon around a pool lined with cabanas, and keeps bumping till 5 A.M.

The Cosmopolitan collaborates with creative artists of all stripes, from the internationally renowned DJs at Marquee to sculptors, painters, and the musicians who play at the Chelsea, a 40,000-square-foot concert venue. Even the hotel Starbucks has unconventional flair—a colorful installation from French talent Georges Rousse.

Wherever you turn and whatever the hour, you’ll be wowed by the creativity of the Cosmopolitan, a hotel that’s not afraid to make a statement.