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C’mon DeLorean: Dishes We’d Travel Back in Time to Eat Again

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There’s something about eating an extraordinary meal in some far-flung place—maybe it’s simply that our senses are heightened in a new place—but whatever the alchemy, food-plus-travel can make a very deep impression on us. Here, the dishes that haunt our dreams.

Ceviche, leche de tigre, canchita and sweet potatoes from El Señor Pescao in Lima.” —Alex Palomino, photo assistant

“The first kouign-amann—those sticky, caramel-y butter bombs—I ate in Finistère,
the French region that claims it’s the birthplace of the freakishly good pastries.” —Aislyn Greene, associate editor

The bistecca alla fiorentina at Trattoria Sostanza in Florence. Thick, charred on glowing coals, and unbelievably tender, it was the best steak I’ve ever eaten. Their artichoke pie was a close second.” —Danielle Walsh, associate editor

“Peter Gilmore’s snow egg dessert at Quay Restaurant in Sydney. I have dreams about it.” —Jen Murphy, hotels editor

Fresh corn ice cream at Hacienda Uayamon in the Yucatan. I’ve tried it at countless new-wave ice cream shops in the U.S. but it’s just not the same.” —Lisa Trottier, freelance editor

“The caprese sandwich I ate on the island of Capri. It actually was life-changing. It’s what made me like tomatoes.” —Jeremy Saum, executive editor

“I would love to take a time machine eight years back to feast on a zarb in Wadi Rum, Jordan. It’s a traditional bedouin roast cooked under the desert sand, a.k.a., the most delicious veggies, chicken and lamb EVER.” —Bryan Kinkade, associate publisher

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“The dish I would love to travel back in time for is called escondidinho de camarão. At Bar Portella in the Santa Teresa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, this dish is one of the house favorites. It’s shrimp slow-cooked with cassava and coconut milk, served au gratin with rice on the side. This, complemented by a house caipirinha, is easily one of the best meals I’ve ever had. The caipirinhas came with chunks of fresh mango, kiwi, or maracuja (passion fruit) mixed with sugar to sweeten the caipirinhas with intense flavor.” —Michaela Trimble, AFAR exchange manager

“I dream of the glorious veggie sandwiches from Sedona Memories Café, daily. They’re huge and include every veggie imaginable on homemade bread.” —Samantha Juda, audience marketing specialist

Duck neck served in a wooden duck at Mugaritz in Errenteria, Spain.” —Maggie Gould, executive marketing director

“The pear-stuffed fiochetti from Florence’s Tarochi. The pasta are shaped like little rucksacks and filled with savory blended pear. A super creamy white sauce holds fast to the little bundles with their folds and billowy ends, so every bite is perfect. You have savory, lightly sweet, soft, creamy, warm…you get the idea. It’s the only dish I’ve ever ordered two of in a row in one sitting. It’s that good.” —Juliette San Fillipo, sales and marketing coordinator 

Photo by kennejima/Flickr.