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Chicago’s Design Community, Looking Forward

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Industrial designer Steven Haulenbeek is something of an evangelist for Chicago’s community of like-minded makers. He keeps busy with a design studio (ODLCO, or Object Design League Company) and a festival he founded (Fulton Market’s Guerrilla Truck Show), at which artisans sell their work out of U-Haul trucks. Here’s what he’s excited about right now.

Favorite restaurant?
“Big Star has it all figured out. It’s a small space with a short menu, but everything is delicious. The tacos al pastor, with pork shoulder and pineapple, are my favorite; Gumballhead beer from Three Floyds Brewing Company is on draft; and if you really want to go for it, order the drink deal called Los Tres Reyes. It includes a shot of tequila, a chaser of sangrita (spicy, tomatoey juice), and a can of Tecate.” bigstarchicago.com

Coolest local building?
“Marina City, aka ‘the corn cobs (above).’ It has an ability to look dated and current at the same time. Architect Bertrand Goldberg had a style all his own—a cross between brutalism and The Jetsons.”

What’s next?
“The Fulton Market area is growing into a design destination, and ODLCO is opening a storefront on Randolph Street this fall. It feels good to be a designer in Chicago right now.” o-d-l.co 

See more Chicago picks from the September, 2012 issue. Photo by O Palsson/Flickr.com