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Catch Contest: Week 3 Winners

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You may have seen our Catch contest week 3 winners for the “Adrenaline” and “Lost” themes, resplendent on the home page. They’re fantastic Highlights—beautiful images, with specific descriptions. We had a very hard time choosing.

We’re on to week 4 (the current themes are “Oasis” and “On Top of the World”). Each week’s winners become eligible for the grand prize, a trip to India from Swiss and Taj. You can throw your Highlight into the ring at any point! 

LOST: “Lost” by Colin Roohan
Duong Dong, on Phuo Quoc, Vietnam, was not what the sleepy fishing village Colin was led to expect.


ADRENALINE: “Adrenaline: Descending to a Lost World” by Dezerai Zeitzer
Climbing, crawling, and tip-toeing through the Waitomo Caves on New Zealand’s north island, Dezerai felt plenty of adrenaline. And then the glow worms… a different kind of rush.


See the winners for week 1 and week 2.

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