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Catch Contest: Week 2 Winners

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For all of you following along and submitting to the Catch contest: thank you! We’re seeing so many wonderful Highlights posted. DELICIOUS was a particularly fruitful theme—the AFAR.com community certainly does some fantastic eating. And we loved seeing your stories of meandering for the ARE WE THERE YET theme.

That said, we buckled down and chose a winner for each theme.

DELICIOUS: Dumplings, delicious and hand-made, in Bukchon by Joseph Cyr
yes, Joseph Cyr has done it again. It’s not just his great photo; it’s the fact that he includes all the details you would need to actually visit that amazing-sounding dumpling place yourself.


ARE WE THERE YET?: The Trip Between Two Worlds by Katie Gard
Katie Gard’s post is a great example of what we look for in a good Highlight. Not only did the photo draw us in, but the description—about a peaceful alternative to party-crazy Ibiza—gave us a little insight into a rather touristy location. (And Formentera immediately went on my saved list.)


We’re only partly through week 3—the themes are LOST and ADRENALINE. You have until Wednesday night to post on these themes, or plan ahead for the upcoming themes.

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