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Catch Contest: Week 1 Winners

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We’re already a few days into the second week of our Catch contest, and we’re so pleased at the results. The Highlights you people are posting are fantastic! If you haven’t heard about the Catch contest yet, read the details here.

And after one week in, we’ve got first-round finalists! At the end of our 6-week contest, these two finalists will be entered to win the Grand Prize: a trip to India! Take a look at these great Highlights. 

RENDEZVOUS: Tree of Hearts on the Jetty by Joseph Cyr
We loved this photo and explanation of a sweet rendezvous spot in Sokcho, South Korea, with its promise of delicious seafood.


RITUAL: Bonfim Wish Ribbons by Kristina Gurney
Kristina’s explanation of the wish ribbons that visitors can tie to their wrists had us wishing for a trip to Salvador, Brazil.


Both of these Highlights do a beautiful job of describing a specific experience at a particular place—exactly what we’re looking for! Congratulations to Kristina and Joseph.

Don’t forget that the contest continues, and you can jump in at any point. The themes “Delicious” and “Are We There Yet” are going strong, and we’ll have a new set of finalists by the end of the week. Will one of them be you?