We love being travelers in our hometown! Don’t you? Because sometimes travel starts right outside your front door, we want to see your Highlights of the neighborhood restaurants, undiscovered galleries, and unique boutiques, collected into a Wanderlist that represents the best your town has to offer.

Here’s the dealio. Upload at least five Highlights from your hometown, one from each category (Eat, Stay, Shop, Drink, Do), and collect them into a Wanderlist. Write a description that introduces travelers to the delights of your town. Each week, from now until November 30, we’ll pick the best Wanderlists and designate those people as Local Experts. One winner per week will win a brand-new Kindle Paperwhite 3G.

Get started!

(The week ends on Sunday night, midnight, for the purposes of this contest—and the next round starts up immediately. Lightening rounds! We’ll announce each week’s winner on Monday afternoons.)

Don’t forget to share your Wanderlists with the world on Twitter and Facebook. It’s your responsibility as a hometown hero, a local luminary, a courteous countryman to broadcast the joys of your city—and AFAR.com is your place to do so.