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Catch Belgium Contest: Week 1 Winners

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You’re blowing us away with your Highlights! We got such great submissions for week 1 of the Catch contest (if you haven’t heard about the Catch contest yet, read the details here), which focused on North and South America. Now we’re seeing your amazing submissions for week 2—such wanderlusty Highlights about delicious culinary travels or travels to Eastern Europe. And don’t forget to read Lauren’s cheat sheet on what we look for in a winning Highlight.

And after one week in, we’ve got first-round finalists. At the end of our 6-week contest, these two finalists will be entered to win the Grand Prize: a trip to Belgium! Take a look at last week’s winners. 

NORTH AMERICA: Take a stroll through Montreal’s bohemian Plateau district by Maggie Caldwell
A great example of what we look for in a winning Highlight: details, details, details! Every AFAR traveler wants to know what tourist traps to avoid, and Maggie provides great information on Montreal’s Le Plateau neighborhood.

catch north america finalist

SOUTH AMERICA: Party in Paraty by Trace Sheehan
A boutique hotel, handicrafts, and cachaca. Sounds like a perfect vacation in beautiful Paraty.

catch south america finalist

Don’t forget that the contest continues, and you can jump in at any point. We’re soliciting Highlights about food (any location) or Eastern Europe (with bonus for Croatia and Istanbul) until midnight tonight, and then we’ll move to Highlights about drink (any location) or Western Europe (bonus for Amsterdam, Belgium, Madrid, Paris, Ireland, London, Portugal, Iceland). I imagine next week will be a big one.

We’ll have a new set of finalists by the end of the week. Will one of them be you? Start uploading!

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