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Since Colorado got things rolling, pot-friendly destinations are popping up everywhere.

What’s new:
The city’s lively cannabis club scene got an official stamp of approval in January, quieting longtime rumors that the clubs might be shut down.
Check out: The Dragon Cannabis Club, known for its top-notch product. Take note: To hang out at any of the city’s 100-plus cannabis clubs, you need to register as a member a few weeks ahead of your trip.

What’s new:
Since February, the state is fine with you growing, possessing, and sharing pot. What’s still not OK is buying or selling—so get friendly with those locals.
Check out: Make well-connected friends at Anchorage’s Alaska Cannabis Club. By 2016, once plans to tax and regulate the herb are final, pot should be as easy to buy as a pack of gum—maybe even at one of the many Willie Nelson-owned shops slated to open in the next year.

What’s new:
You may be surprised to hear that the spiritual home of ganja legalized possession only this year.
Check out: Even before the new law, tours of pot plantations were a nudge-nudge, wink-wink part of a trip here. Some cruise lines offer excursions to Bob Marley’s former home (smoke at your own risk), or you can head to the hills with Jamaica Plantation Tours.